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About Agri Fest 2019

The first green revolution during the 1960s was noteworthy in terms of the growth of the agriculture in India. But, now India is moving towards a 2nd Green Revolution to boost the stagnant growth of the agriculture sector. UP is one of the most untapped states in India seeing its potential in leading India to the economic growth if she is made technologically advanced in the agriculture & allied sectors. To aid the sector in achieving this Second Green Revolution, Key2Green Pvt. Ltd. is organizing AGRI FEST 2019 for the eighth consecutive year. It is an International Agriculture Exhibition with an aim to create a distinct platform for the Indian Agricultural society. This serves as a forum where compatible Organizations, Government officials, Policy Makers and Media Groups not only from across India but also from abroad will come together to have a dialogue with the farmers & other stakeholders and discuss the ways to promote agri industry. This exhibition will be a great event for drawing the entire farming community to hold discussions for the growth of the agriculture sector.

About Dairy Fest 2019

With the growing population, the demand for milk & milk products is ever increasing. To help sustain the legacy of White revolution, Key2Green Pvt. Ltd. has successfully organized seven editions of DAIRY FEST at Lucknow. It has seen a steep rise in number of exhibitors & visitors. To continue with its agenda for the development of dairy sector, Key2Green is now conducting 8th edition of DAIRY FEST 2019.. It is one of the best opportunities to see the leading dairy products, technology & machineries. The Exhibition focuses on the entire chain of dairy production, from livestock breeding and farm facilities to processing and packing equipments, ingredients and dairy products. This will attract international and domestic top enterprises in various dairy fields.

Animal husbandry department of Government of Uttar Pradesh has commenced 'Kamadhenu’, ‘Mini-Kamadhenu’ and ‘Micro-Kamadhenu’’ for dairy farming. Under these schemes interest free loan and subsidy would be given to the entrepreneurs. More than 2000 new dairy farms of 100, 50 and 25 cattles have already been established through these schemes. Uttar Pradesh is also part of the National Dairy Plan (NDP) of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).

Latest and comprehensive industry information will be brought to participants through the display of new products & technologies which is blessed with the involvement of emerging companies in the dairy industry, outstanding entrepreneurs, government authorities and international associations. This event will serve as a forum for dairy producers, companies, organizations, cooperatives and other dairy farming enthusiasts to come together to compete and to exchange ideas, knowledge, technology and commerce as well as to display and discuss their latest innovations in the sector. They’ll meet new customers and business partners and find more ways to profit in this dynamic industry.

About Poultry Fest 2019

Poultry production constitutes a vital component of agricultural economy in India. It is significant from the fact that India contributes a major share in poultry production in the world. The need of the hour is to make it more self-reliant and technology driven industry, with the capability to produce every essential input for successful poultry farming.

To support the poultry industry Key2Green has successfully conducted seven editions of POULTRY FEST at Lucknow. It has seen a steep rise both in number of exhibitors & visitors. To continue with its agenda for the development of poultry sector, Key2Green is now conducting 8th edition of POULTRY Fest 2019. It is one of the best opportunities to see the leading poultry farming products, technology, machineries and other inputs like feed & pharmaceuticals. This will attract international and domestic enterprises in the various aspects of commercial poultry farming.

The companies engaged in Poultry Farming & Processing, Egg Grading and Processing Equipments Manufacturing, Poultry Feed Manufacturing, Poultry Feeding and Drinking Equipments Manufacturing, Conveying systems & Automated Plant Manufacturing, Poultry Drugs & Health Equipment Manufacturing, Poultry Hygiene, Sanitation, Waste and Odor Management Equipments Manufacturing, Cold Chain Technology, Live Birds & Meat Processing & Other Livestock Farming etc are expected to showcase their strength, products & services to the participants of POULTRY FEST.

About Food Fest 2019

With changing demographics; rising disposable incomes; increasing number of nuclear families & working women; changing lifestyles, the demand for Ready-to-eat foods, functional foods or processed foods is mounting like never before. India is one of the largest food producers in the world. It has diverse agro-climatic conditions and has a large and diverse raw material base suitable for food processing companies. After successfully organizing seven editions of Food Fest and keeping the above in mind, Key2Green is now conducting 8th edition of FOOD Fest 2019 so as to multiply the growth of the food sector.

With Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath's initiative in mobilising large investments in the state by his visionary UP INVESTOR's SUMMIT, we are just pushing the momentum for the continued growth and investment particularly in agri-business sector. Our continued efforts since 2012 have already made a powerful impact to the lives of thousands of food processors. The previous SEVEN editions were successful in establishing a platform for the food processing & other agri-business stakeholders of the state.

The three-day event served as an excellent platform for exploring a highly potentional region untapped so far with new business opportunities in the emerging areas of dairy, poultry, food processing rightly supported by the policies and schemes of the state government. The exhibition was a showcase for the sector’s latest technologies and solutions to the stakeholders in the sector.

Thanks to its high standing for the last 7 years, and its establishment as the focal point for the Uttar Pradesh’s growing and diversified agriculture and allied market, Food Fest has witnessed good participation from Indian companies as well as MNCs from across India and abroad.

About Rice Milltech Expo 2019

2nd Edition of Rice Milltech Expo in Rudrapur will be held from 16-17 March. It will provide the platform for the Rice & Grain machinery and milling industries with an opportunity to showcase the entire spectrum of related products, technology and services under one roof. It will inspire thousands of millers, processors to transform their age old huller mills in to modern ones.

The first edition of RICE MILLTECH EXPO 2018 in Rampur (UP) was well received by the hundreds of rice millers from the surrounding area. A lot of business inquiries were generated mostly for the Sortex Machines, the exhibitors turned out to be satisfied with the quantum of business generated and assured their participation in the next edition. With a majority of the visitors and exhibitors demanding the same programme to be held at Rudrapur, it being an upcoming industrious town, we shifted the 2nd Edition to Rudrapur (Uttarakhand).

Rudrapur and surrounding districts like Rampur, Bareilly and Moradabad, etc. has a predominant area under cultivation of rice and sugar. Rudrapur is a city with local businesses ranging from Rice Mills to Transports, etc. There are more than 400 modern rice mills in and around Rudrapur. Apart from these, hundreds of traditional & small rice and grain mills with basic equipments like hullers are also present in the vicinity of Udham Singh Nagar. There are several clusters of rice mills in Kashipur, Kichha, Bajpur, Kemri, Riccha, Bilaspur, Tanda, etc.

It is being supported by the Rudrapur Rice Miller’s Association, Rice Millers Association of Udham Singh Nagar, Kemri Rice Miller’s Association, Bahedi Rice Miller’s Association, Richha Rice Miller’s Association, Kichha Rice Miller’s Association, Tanda Rice Miller’s Association and other rice miller’s associations in the area.

A large numbers of rice millers, trade visitors, farmers and other stakeholders like small rice and grain mill owners are expected to visit our exhibition. You can enjoy 2 Interactive days for Business Networking & creating Distribution Network in this highly potential region of rice milling.

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